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“A girl and her guardian angel…

Jay is the only person who can see her best friend, Starless—but he’s far from imaginary. Under his guidance, she lives a solitary life, performing good deeds with his angelic aid. In time, however, she may learn that not every angel has white feathers.”

This story is about a young adult named Jay. When she was a child she was saved by a guardian angel in training while very sick at a children's hospital. With Starless by her side she gives out stars as good deeds and brings a smile to everyone's face. At first all she needed in life was Starless, straying away from making friends or talking to others. Fearful that others would catch her talking to something they couldn't see nor understand, but over time she became lonely. Will she be able to finally make friends or will she retreat and continue her solitary life?

Examples of comic pages below which is formatted in a vertical webtoons format (2018)

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Hey! My name is Christina Brockus, but I like to go by Chris.
Animation, Cartoons, and the process is a huge passion for me. One of my first memories was watching SpongeBob and wanting to do that someday, but I had no idea that art made cartoons. It wasn’t until High school that I saw Animation as a class that I remembered my childhood thoughts. So I took all 4 years of high school animation classes and moved onto Mt SAC where I took the Traditional Certificate program receiving 2 certificates in that program.

Being a part of a studio is a dream job for me, cartoons and everyone who works for them has been such a huge inspiration my whole life. The opportunity to be able to work alongside people who have influenced me and be able to learn the inner workings of animation production is incredibly exciting since my whole goal in life is to inspire those as cartoons and others have inspired me.